When we started Straynd, we wanted something pure, something real something raw, something that reflected our lives in the form of truly wearable art. We know what it tastes like to be a survivor, what it looks like to live off of hope and faith and what it feels like to be free and fueled by imagination. Amongst all the blaring white noise and vivid static distractions in the world, it’s easy to lose focus and become drained of your creative thirst. We’ve made a commitment to be a constant reminder and support system to those of us who have sacrificed over and over again in the pursuit of our passions.

Our time, money and resources have all been spent to create something that is ours, and yours. Bridging the gap between the idea, the artist and the people, we’ve created a brand where YOU have a voice in what we do and where YOU can be apart of the collaboration in creating fresh, limited, special edition pieces that echo our unique lifestyle.

At Straynd we believe it’s time. It’s time to come out of the shadows and celebrate who we all are, to bring our love of creativity and culture to the forefront and most importantly, to remember where we came from and why we are here.

Born and bred in the heart of California, we are a collective group of inspired do it yourselfers who believe in the importance of family, respect, and honesty in everything that we do.