While he may have grown up with an old masters oil painter as a mom, Lucas’s development as an artist was anything but traditional. Schooled in the classic styles, Lucas gravitated towards the fringe elements of both art culture and society.

Tattooing, skateboarding, graffiti and gang culture drew him in from a young age. Getting tattooed at 13 and then making his own machine,  he was hooked. Both with the entire art subculture, and with the sense of worth that came from connecting with people who shared his same outlook.

After some forays into nefarious income sources, Lucas found direction in the skateboard and action sports industry where his dynamic, aggressive style found a home.

Having worked with some of the most iconic brands, not only in skateboarding (Santa Cruz, Independent, Volcom, Creature etc), but also outside of that industry ( Star Wars, Marvel, The Simpsons etc). He brings that same level of illustration and design back to his roots with Straynd.

Freed from the confines of mass channel design, Straynd is about coming out of the shadows and embracing who we are as a shared culture.