From the shadows comes Straynd. Original artwork inspired by some of the most prolific strains developed. Elevating artistic representation to new levels with hundreds of hours spent on hand drawings to capture what these legendary strains mean to all of us.

Straynd’s visionary Creative Director and Designer/ Illustrator, Lucas Musgrave, brings close to 20 years of experience working with some of the most iconic brands both within and outside of the Action Sports Industry. Free from the confines of mass market design, he brings to life the vision of our shared culture.



Individuals with different ideas and passions that have come together to share a universal trait – one of following their passion when no one is watching. Putting in hours of blood, sweat and tears just for the pure love of making sure it embodies who we are.

The Straynd family is timely, irreverent, and comical as we aim to bring you fresh, limited, and special edition pieces. Our dream is to create wearable art every day, bringing together all of us who shed the norm and wear our truth.